Who is lifesport?

Since 2004, LifeSports has been helping organizations who have committed to or are considering a Health and Wellness initiative and are seeking support through programming expertise.

The team at LifeSports has the resources to customize activities based on age-band and condition-specific strategies.

By laying the mind/muscle groundwork in childhood, the stage becomes set for athletic ability later on. As the very roots of our organization, LifeSports Inc. has successfully changed the way thousands of children (both sedentary and engaged) feel towards being active. Our passion is about turning workouts into play in a refreshingly fun and entertaining way.

LifeSports services include certified fitness professionals to assist with active living programming needs on a corporate level and on the education front. We support existing programs within the school boards based on the most current curriculum.

We want kids to be active, stay active, and LifeSports wants to help them get there...one step at a time. Our assessment process is personal and case specific.

By teaming up with Kids & Company, LifeSports is providing exclusive programming to use in their daycares across the country.

For more information visit www.lifesports.ca.

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